Donations Coordinator/ Southern Regional Lead

Aaronda Ivery

Aaronda Ivery is a core sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the Donations Coordinator, Southern Regional Lead Sisters and a Leading Sister for SoulSister Texas.

 I’m a Lover! I love God. I love His people. I love His word. I love His promises. I love the thought of Him being my Lord, because to me that means that I don’t have to worry about taking care of me, Jesus does all of that! I love the fact that God is sovereign and is in control of everything. Like I said, I’m a Lover. I excepted Christ into my life (notice I didn’t say heart, that came later) when I was 20 years old. It was a struggle for me. Trying to learn about Him from all of the women in my life who were giving me their version of Him and how to best serve and live for Him. I was living with my boyfriend at the time and we had a 2 month old daughter. I honestly did tell him that he needed to find some place to live because I “Can’t be shackin with you and live for God at the same time!” It was a real mess, and for a complete year my actions didn’t line up with my confession of faith. I lived the way I wanted, and pretended for anyone I didn’t want to know how fake I really was. During this time I was talking with some friends about our names and what they meant. Someone asked me about my name, Aaronda, where did it come from ( we couldn’t ask Siri or google it lol). All I knew was that my father’s name was Aaron and I was named after him. Someone else says, “Aaron in the bible was a priest of the Lord, and he went before God for the people.  He was a High Priest, so if your name is the feminine of Aaron, that’s what your name means Aaronda, you are a priest.”  I can’t say why, but hearing this made me realize that how I was living wasn’t worthy of the weightiness of what my name meant. I started to seek after God and I wanted to know more about Him. I received His love, and my heart changed! I was His and honored to say it. My boyfriend and I got married and had 3 more children. We’ve been married for 26 years now, and we acknowledge that it is only by the grace of God. He’s shown us how to love each other when it wasn’t easy. How to forgive when we didn’t want to, and how to laugh through tears. God is an awesome Father. 
Giving my heart to Jesus lead me back to singing which up until now I only really did for me. God has allowed me to lead worship at Liberty Love Enrichment Church, and Embassies of Christ Church, both in Gary, IN. Presently I am a co-worship leader at The Ark Church in Conroe, Tx. God has afforded me the opportunity to minister before royalty, and with internationally known artists. I am grateful and honored because He’s also allowed me to minister to  hundreds of thousands of His children. I am a retired educator. For over 19 years God blessed me to have some of the sweetest little spirits I’m my classroom. I loved teaching and I still do it on a much smaller scale.  
This year, 2019, I stepped into ministry with SoulSister Inc. I am excited about what God is going to show all of us about how He really loves us. I’m honored to be a Lead Sister and  I know that the best is yet to come!!!

Buford, GA 30518

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