What is SoulSister?

SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. is a non- profit 501c3 spiritual healing support group of Sisters Supporting Sisters. We provide mental, emotional, physical, relational, ministerial, and business life support to women. 

The WHY of SoulSister?

Hi! My name is TiaMarie Arnold and I'm the founder of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. For many years I carried hurt, bitterness, and offense in my soul because of life challenges.  I felt isolated and a lack of support. One day this thought was laid on my heart; “Start being what you’ve always wanted and you will find your fulfillment”.  “Always do for other people everything you want them to do for you." "Don’t be concerned only about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others." This is the WHY of SoulSister. We become what we always wanted, and we will have a great reward. To learn more about TiaMarie Arnold click here.

What’s the Mission of SoulSister?

Our Mission is to raise spiritual awareness, cultivate, and facilitate a culture of healing, restoration, and rehabilitation to the soul of women who have had extremely hard challenges in life and desires a strong and supportive group.  We live life with the 3 E’s in mind; Encourage, Embrace and Emerge.



verb: A SoulSister uses the power of her words to push her sister forward and upward.

We thrive on community and ENCOURAGE our sisters to keep going and to receive healing by renewing their souls. We encourage mental, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and relational support for women, and In order to do that, we must create community. SoulSister Gatherings is that community of support.



verb: A SoulSister accepts and surrounds her sisters who are in need during hard times.

The goal of SoulSister is to break the culture of isolation and silent suffering amongst women and to EMBRACE our sisters in their journey. Our goal monthly is to create an atmosphere of healing, courage, and freedom.



verb: A SoulSister rises up. We value allowing women to EMERGE from their bondage and brokenness and share their testimony. We believe that you overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony. As women share we take value in not looking at our sisters in judgment, envy, jealousy, or cynicism. 

What are SoulSister Gatherings?

SoulSister Gatherings are Life Sister Gathering. SoulSister Gatherings are where women come and connect with a Life Support System in their region. Sisters learn how to support other sisters, pray for each other, pour into one another, grow spiritually, develop leadership skills, and flourish in relationships along the way.  Click here for more information or to find a SoulSisterGatherings in your area.

How can I become a SoulSister?

Well, it’s pretty simple. 

  1. If you have a heart to uplift and support your sisters and you believe “Always do for other people everything you want them to do for you,” then....

  2. You already are a SoulSister. 

  3. So let’s connect! Go to www.soulsistergatherings.org to find out when the next SoulSister Gathering is in your area. Happy Supporting!! 

Is there a fee?

There are no fees for the SoulSister Gatherings. You are always welcome to give a donation to the organization via website or text to give. Donations are tax-deductible and are used to support the SoulSisters and their dreams. 


Mobile Giving

Simply text the giving code and the amount to 478-242-1545 

Text GIVE 100 to give $100 to SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. 


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