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Friendtorship Parent Informational

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LaGina Burton


LaGina Burton is a core sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the Northern Regional Lead Sister and is the Leading Sister for SoulSister Friendtorship Gatherings.

Friendtorship LeadSister

LaGina Burton graduated from Fisk University in 1992, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications. She has been a school teacher for 15 years. LaGina is a Regional Lead Sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Incorporated.

    Over the years, LaGina has found her passion serving in God’s kingdom. She has been a minister of dance – teaching and helping develop numerous ministries in and outside of the state of Ohio. LaGina has also worked extensively in youth and children’s ministry, and has been a mentor to youth, teenage, and young adult women for more than 25 years.  

    LaGina’s philosophy in teaching is believing. She believes if she can teach children to believe in themselves, she can teach them anything. She applies that same concept in ministry. Driven by her undying faith and belief in God, LaGina trusts if she can lead a person to God and the belief that Jesus is our savior, she can open them up to a world of renewed hope, joy, strength, faith, and belief in limitless possibilities offered by a limitless God! 

    LaGina is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she currently resides with Randy Burton, her husband of 17 years. She is also the mother of 5 beautiful and blessed children. 

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