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Leading Sister

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What is a Leading Sister?

Leading Sister is a volunteer that leads and hosts a SoulSister Gathering in her area. A SoulSister Gathering agenda is given to her monthly to follow. She reports to her Regional Lead Sister. 

What are the responsibilities of a Leading Sister?

  1. To be a Lead SoulSister you must first be a believer of Jesus Christ. 

  2. Have a heart for unity, support, and forgiveness amongst women.

  3. Be willing to host a SoulSister Gathering once a month.

  4. Promote your area groups on social media or by word of mouth.

  5. Walk and carry oneself with integrity and Godly character.

  6. Honor and support the mission of SoulSister and excuse oneself if there is a heart change.


Email us at to get more information on how to become a Leading Sister in your area or click here.

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